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One-on-one or small group coaching sessions incorporate fun, interactive, arts-infused games and activities
Creative Coaching for Kids

CHQ sessions offer young people dedicated time with a caring adult where they’ll learn, laugh, imagine, get inspired, and get creative. Each instructor-led session engages students in creative skill-building activities. We’ll explore visual art, movement, crafts, music, theater, film, writing, photography, and more.

  • Private and semi-private 45-minute sessions (online or in-person) start at $50/session 
  • Space is limited to ensure quality interactive experiences and personal attention for all students
  • Schedule a free 20-minute consultation
  • Contact us with private or custom group workshop inquiries
Examples of content we have developed for private coaching and group classes include:
How Music Makes Us Feel
How Music Makes Us Feel

Discussion, games, and activities that explore various styles of music and how they each affect our mood and our imagination

Visual Art+Music+Rhythm

The Power of Observation
The Power of Observation

What does it mean to be observant? Is it an important skill? Is it helpful to artists? What about other careers? We’ll discuss and tap into our own powers of observation through games and activities that involve sounds, movement, and of course, paying attention.

Acting/Improv+Visual Art+Music

Communicating Ideas
Communicating Ideas

In what ways can we share ideas and stories? Can you communicate without words? We’ll discuss and engage in games and activities that explore methods of communication, and miscommunication!

Language+Visual Art+Acting

Things Are Not As They Seem
Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Discussion, games, and activities that explore the concept of illusion. We can find examples of illusions in every form of art and in real life. In this class, we’ll explore illusions of sight, sound, and language.

Visual Art+Art-Making+Sounds+Acting/Communication

A Song in Our Hearts
A Song in Our Hearts

Singing lifts our spirits and allows us to enjoy music together. In this class, we’ll engage in games and activities that involve song.


The Magic of Storytelling
The Magic of Storytelling

Stories have always had a powerful impact on humans, from early cave paintings and oral tradition to stories told through movement, music, photography, and books. Today we’ll explore how pictures, movement, language, and sound each contribute to storytelling.

Music/Sound+Visual Art+Movement +Reading/Language


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