Games and Activities

What kinds of games and activities does the CHQ leader facilitate?

Our curriculum changes for every meeting but always includes a fun mix of creative-based games and activities. We’ll giggle through a drawing, an improv, words, or charades-type game,  play a version of bingo using famous composers, act out a scene (either one we create or age-appropriate selections shared as handouts), engage in a drawing or art-making activity (materials needed for an upcoming week will be sent via email at least 72-hours before your scheduled club meeting), or read a poem and come up with ways to add movement or rhythm that might enhance the story.

What if my child doesn’t like or want to perform in front of people?

The world of art and art-makers needs patrons! Learning about and appreciating the arts ensures grateful audiences for future and budding musicians, visual artists, dancers, and other creators. CHQ isn’t focused on performance, just as creativity isn’t limited to art. Every child needs to be aware of various forms of expression and creativity in order to build upon and expand their ability to create. Additionally becoming comfortable speaking to and in front of others is a beneficial life skill. CHQ members support and encourage one another. We provide an opportunity for kids to gain experience and challenge their own limitations.


Will you be offering long-term recurring sessions?

Classes meet virtually once per week and can be booked as private or small group classes. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Do parents have to be present?

Cameras are required to be on so we can see each member and encourage active engagement and participation. Parents do not need to participate (though they are welcome to!), but a parent or guardian must be in the home at all times. We also require an emergency cell phone contact that can be reached during our meetings should an urgent need arise.

Do you accept requests for semi-private groups and custom workshops?

Absolutely! Please send us an email and we’ll get in touch!

Who Is CHQ For?

What if my child hasn’t been exposed to arts — will they feel out of place? What if my child already loves all things related to the arts, will they be bored?

CHQ is designed to be a place where everyone belongs. Creativity is a skill we can develop, and it isn’t limited to artists. All young people benefit from understanding more about how art is expressed in our world and its many forms. Some will discover an interest in one particular area, others will enjoy the freedom to explore a variety of mediums. Everyone will learn just how often we see examples of creativity, from technological innovation to beautiful music to day-to-day solutions that simply required a new way of looking at a problem.


My child would love to participate but I can’t afford the cost right now. Are there any scholarships available?

We do not want cost to be a barrier and will try to provide assistance, if available. Please contact us and let us know more about your need and your situation, and we’ll see if we can help!

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